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A1 Lock Express: Car Key Duplication Service Texas

AA1 Lock Express Locksmith offers car key duplication services in Texas and surrounds for when you’ve lost the key in the ignition or lock, damage the original or spare key beyond recognition or just need a spare set of keys for your vehicle. We’re the best auto locksmith company in town, and we’re dedicated to fast service, excellent quality products and keeping our customers safe.

Here’s more information about the services we offer when it comes to duplicating car keys and just why you might need them. Get in touch if you’re in need of an auto locksmith, duplicated car keys or any of the other relate services that we offer.
We’re the Best Auto Locksmith in Town

We’re the best auto locksmith in town, whether you need just a set of spare keys made or whether your needs are more specialized and include a remote or electronic transponder in co-operation with your regular key.

We’re dedicated to using only the best products during our repairs and replacements, and all of the keys we make are guaranteed to be only of the highest quality, cut without any flaws or derivations from the original car key.
Don’t Have the Original Key?

Many of the clients who contact us to get a spare key or have their car keys duplicated or re-cut no longer have access to the original key when they need our service – and that’s just fine. If you don’t have the original key for your ignition or lock, then what you need instead is our rekey service, for which we’ll create another set of keys for the lock.
Need Duplicate Car Keys?

We can help even if it’s just duplicate car keys you need for when you need to get a spare key. Sometimes this is the case when you’ve lost the original keys, or you might still have the original keys and just need another set. Whichever the case, we can help you cut another set of keys within just 24-hours. Get in touch with the team if you need spare keys, whether we’re talking about older types of car keys or newer electronic keys instead.
Serving All of Austin Texas

A1 Lock Express Locksmith is one of the only companies that cover all of Texas and surrounding areas – and if we can’t help, we’re happy to refer you straight to one of our affiliate partners closer to you instead. If you’re located in or near Texas, we can send a mobile locksmith over to your area no matter what it is you need.
Emergency Car Locksmith Services

Need an auto locksmith at a terrible time for an emergency lockout or key duplication? We’re one of the only locksmith companies in the area that offers comprehensive emergency car locksmith services for those emergencies that happen when you least expect them. If this describes your situation right now, then get in touch.

If it’s not car locksmith services that you need, some of our other services will likely have you covered. See some of our other pages or just send our team a message and we’ll get back to you soon.

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